Thompson Electric Company

get faster, better results with prefabricated components

The use of prefabricated electrical components gives you a more consistent and better quality product without increasing costs on the project.

It allows you to schedule your tasks further in advance, allowing for more
efficient use of manpower, materials and equipment.

Cost Benefits

  • Improved Productivity (controlled environment)
  • Reduction in Project Schedule
  • Reduction of Onsite Labor Forces
  • Reduced Safety Risk
  • Reduction of On-site Material from Potential Theft

Means and Methods

  • Efficient Processes developed and proven
  • Integrated part of our business model
  • Shared "Best Practices" between employees and offices
  • Controlled QA/QC Every time

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Prefabricated Conduit saves time and money

Prefabricated conduit for wall with control panel