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The preventive maintenance concept has been around for years.  When it comes to electrical preventive maintenance there is a misunderstanding that because it is electrical there is no preventive maintenance needed. Thompson Specialty Services knows better and knows how to work with your team to develop the proper preventive maintenance program to protect your operation from failure and downtime.

10 Reasons to Perform Electrical Preventive Maintenance 

  1. Reduce the risk of fire.  
  2. Identify loose connections. 
  3. Identify components running hot or not according to specifications.  
  4. Identify unusual smells, noises, dust build up or discoloration.  
  5. Check all emergency lighting, signage and power indicator displays.   
  6. Extend the useful lifecycle of assets.  
  7. Avoid unplanned downtime.  
  8. Lower equipment loss.  
  9. Increase Energy savings.  
  10. Increase Safety and Lower Liability


Preventive Maintenance


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Thompson Automation and Specialty Services provides automation & controls support and specialty electrical services to help our customers operate their facilities more efficiently, in compliance with government and safety standards, their electrical systems running at optimal energy efficiency levels, and help them reduce their ever-growing energy costs.

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