Thompson Electric Company

Thompson Electric can provide  different approaches to the design build process.

1. Design Build – Thompson Electric

Thompson Electric will be the lead on the Electrical Design Build process.  Our team will meet and consult with the owner to understand their goals and requirements for the project.  We will then provide a drawing or drawings indicating the requirements and a list of materials that we recommend for the project.  Once those drawings and list of materials are approved, our CAD specialist will create a 3-D drawing showing all of the electrical components to the team.  These 3-D drawings will be shared with the design team, for the other trades, to identify conflicts and clashes.

Thompson Electric will engage an Electrical Engineering firm, if there is a requirement for approved engineered drawings. 

2. Design Build – Electrical Engineering Firm

If a project has an Electrical Engineering firm selected, Thompson Electric will work with the owner and the electrical engineer to make sure the make sure the owners needs are met with a cost effective design.

Design Build