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Thompson Automation and Specialty Services is not about “products” and fitting you into the mold of what the “system” will do rather we spend our time fitting the best solution around your needs.  This is something that we at Thompson have been doing for more than 80-years, crafting custom solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs. It doesn’t start with a product or particular equipment manufacturer; it starts with a business partner that understands your business and how automation can help you in your business.

We help with:

  • Automation & controls design, installation, maintenance project needs
  • Staying compliant with OSHA and electrical system safety standards
  • Reducing energy expenses
  • Ensuring electrical equipment is functioning properly and efficiently
  • Keeping employees safe from electrical hazards

Automation Custom Software Programming

Automation Installation & Commissioning

Automation Instrumentation Installation Setup Calibration

Automation Maintenance Service Hardware Programming

Automation UL Certified Custom Control Panel
Automation System Design Engineering


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Thompson Knows
Thompson is your electrical contractor for controls & automationThompson is your electrical contractor for electrical maintenance
Thompson is your electrical consultant for electrical safetyThompson is your electrical consultant for electrical engineering services
Thompson is your electrical contractor for solar and sustainable energy

Thompson Automation and Specialty Services provides automation & controls support and specialty electrical services to help our customers operate their facilities more efficiently, in compliance with government and safety standards, their electrical systems running at optimal energy efficiency levels, and help them reduce their ever-growing energy costs.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help your business operate safely, energy efficiently, cost effectively, and in compliance for years to come.